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We are a competitive and professional sports academy - with our players competing at all levels.
Private Session


Private session is essentially a personalized training session on a one-on-one basis. It’s an interactive session between the student and the coach and ideal for those who wish to focus on specific areas and hone their skills and technique under direct guidance from the coach. These sessions are vital to players looking to take their game to the next level and for those wishing for a more intimate approach to learning. Theses sessions will help in identifying technical inadequacies and put a process in place to overcome them step by step while also focusing on building the physical strength required to excel in high-intense competitions.


Semi Private Session


Semi-private session will give student the same experience as that of a private session in terms of imparting technical and tactical knowledge. However, the key difference is that it also enables the student to develop his/her match-play skills with another player of similar ability and skills. The semi-private lesson is the perfect solution for a couple of players to enjoy the competitive environment while also learning the skills, which in turn can be beneficial for everyone in the overall improvement.

Group Session


Group session is an ideal first step for the beginners of the game as it enables one to gain knowledge by going through the routines under the guidance of a coach and by watching fellow students of same level inn-terms of age and skills. These group sessions will also provide an environment that will be conducive for a fun-based, sociable, informative and educational method of learning involving modern techniques. Coaches at Zenith Sports Academy advise this as a starting point for players to be inducted into the sport. However, it doesn’t end there. Group sessions are suitable for players of all ages and skills as it is will play a vital role in the development team building and supporting each other in a natural way.



Sportsmen are not born but nurtured and mentored; this is the Vision & Belief of the founding members of Zenith sports Academy. Sports being one of the most passionate carriers of youth in today’s time, we pride in hand holdingthem to their desired streams form inception to nurturing and guiding them towards their goals, whether it is at a professional level or as a passion & hobby.



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